Town of Rotterdam, New York

What is a Comprehensive Plan?

A Comprehensive Plan is both a vision for the future and a blueprint for how to get there.  The Comprehensive Plan document will create a framework for the future for a range of topic areas including but not limited to land use, economic development, infrastructure, and housing.  The Comprehensive Plan will evaluate the existing conditions of the community (existing state); identify a vision for the future (future state), and outline a series of recommendations and steps to achieve that vision (implementation).

Why have a plan?

Communities develop comprehensive plans to plan for population changes, economic growth, transportation, education, environmental protection, recreation, infrastructure, residential and commercial growth and more.

Comprehensive plans identify a long-term community vision and outlines and describes an approach to achieve that vision.

Who is facilitating the process?

The planning process is being guided by a Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee appointed by the Town Board. The planning process will be facilitated by Town staff and a consultant team lead by MJ Engineering and Land Surveying.

The planning process will be a consensus-driven effort.The planning process will include a robust public engagement component to gather input about the future of Rotterdam from residents, business owners, property owners, and other stakeholders in the community. Your participation in this process is vital!

Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee

  • Gregory Campoli
  • Jonathon Tingley
  • David Ahl
  • Kathleen Curtis
  • Milan Jackson
  • James Trigger
  • Lynn Flansburg
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